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    Size Chart "The Lighthearted" Pants & T-Shirt

    All garments that are made with cotton shrink between 4% - 6% when they are washed and dried in a dryer. Our designs have taken this into account by adding a little extra length on the shirt and pants. So your item will be slightly longer than expected until you wash and dry it for a perfect fit. Order your normal size and do not adjust for shrinkage as we already did. 


    measurement in inches (pre-wash)

    Size Chart

    Length: We know finding the right pant length for your pajamas is really important; that's why jijamas® are made in two lengths.

    -- For our friends that are 5'5 or shorter, please order length REGULAR.
    -- For our friends that are 5'6 or taller, please order length TALL.