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About Us

We met in Manhattan, fell in love, got married and had babies. No sleep, yet we were living the dream (you know the story.)  Little by little, the little ones began to sleep. We were convinced their pajamas played a big role in making it happen. They were made from the softest cotton ever and our babies were so relaxed and comfortable.

As they grew into toddlers, we were also convinced their soft pajamas had magical powers. As soon as they put them on, our "active" kids turned into calm and relaxed little angels. Needless to say, we wanted pajamas like that. After all, us adults deserve to relax and unwind too. We searched for them, but nothing came close to the softness or they came in designs that we wouldn’t want anyone to see us in.

It was then we decided to create jijamas®, a line of incredibly soft pajamas for women made with the same Pima cotton that our kids love to wear, in designs women will want to wear. The name jijamas® has a soft place in our hearts too. Our kids couldn't pronounce pajamas, and instead called them their "jijamas". The rest is history.

So whether you put on your jijamas® after a long day at work or wear them all day on Sunday, we hope you relax. After all, that’s what jijamas® are for.

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