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The Periwinkle Bloom in Plaid

Size Guide
Size Chart for The Periwinkle Plaid

All garments that are made with cotton shrink between 4% - 6% when they are washed and dried in a dryer. Our designs have taken this into account by adding a little extra length on the shirt and pants. So your item will be slightly longer than expected until you wash and dry it for a perfect fit.
Therefore, order your normal size and do not adjust for shrinkage as we already did. 
measurement in inches (pre-wash)
 jijamas size bust waist inseam
small/regular (5'5 or shorter) 2-4 40 30 32
medium/regular (5'5 or shorter) 6-8 42 32 32.5
large/regular (5'5 or shorter) 10-12 44 34 33
x-large/regular (5'5 or shorter) 14-16 47 37 33.5
xx-large/regular (5'5 or shorter) 18-20 49 39 34
small/tall (5'6 or taller) 2-4 40 30 34
medium/tall (5'6 or taller) 6-8 42 32 34.5
large/tall (5'6 or taller) 10-12 44 34 35
x-large/tall (5'6 or taller) 14-16 47 37 35.5
xx-large/tall (5'6 or taller) 18-20 49 39 36

 We know finding the right pant length for your pajamas is really important; that's why jijamas® are made in two lengths.
For our friends that are 5'5 or shorter, please order length REGULAR.
For our friends that are 5'6 or taller, please order length TALL.

The subtle yet rejuvenating colors in these soft pajamas will make any day feel special. Every detail has been considered to ensure the most comfortable fit, including a perfect neckline and smooth long-sleeves.

  • 100% high-end Pima Cotton
  • Designs combine sleepwear with loungewear to help you relax.
  • The bottoms come with an elastic waistband + adjustable drawstring. The shirt has a comfortable neckline and a modern picot hem at the wrist.
  • Available in 2 length sizes: “Regular” for women 5’5 or shorter, and “Tall” for women 5’6 or taller. Sizes Small – XXL
  • Made with love in Peru
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